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Building Permits

What and Why and When

Building Permits are issued by the Building Division, Planning and Building Department of the local Municipality and are viewed as legal permission to start demolition or construction for residential and commercial projects.

Permits ensure that the requirements for health, safety and structural soundness as set out by the building codes are met. 

The permit process will also align itself with other municipal requirements such as Zoning and Applicable Law. Applicable Law deals with outside agencies such as  the Conservation Authority and Heritage. 



A building permit is required for all construction or alteration work of any units, buildings and structures.


A building permit is required for renovations that involve changes to the structure or systems of your home.


Click Building Permit Guide Residential for more detail.


Click Building Permt Guide Commercial for more detail.

Permit Drawings

The drawings required are dependant on the project scope and municipality. Requirements will range from a floor plan to a full set of working drawings, which could include sections, elevations, framing and fastening details, electrical, HVAC, site plan, dimensions and specifications.


Permits will not be issued if drawings are not accompanied by a BCIN number.


Permit drawings require a technologist or firm to be licensed by the Ministry of Housing and Municipal Affairs and hold a valid BCIN (building code identification number) and stamp.

Municipal Building Permit Departments

Commercial and Residential

Drafting and Design

Home Renovations and Additions

Specialist in Legal 2 Unit Dwelling Conversion

Commercial Interior Design and Refits

Construction Drawings

Permit Drawings

Paper to AutoCAD Conversion

As Builts

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