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Our Process

Initial Consultation

Whether your project be commercial or residential, a commercial refit or residential renovation, there are many similarities in the process.

All projects begin with an initial consultation meeting and are free of charge.

We seek to understand the current and future needs of our clients and offer a guided approach

to achieve cost effective and elegant solutions that meet your personal vision.

Following the site meeting Perspectives Design Planning would complete a Proposal of Architectural Services.  Upon your approval we would proceed to the next listed phases. 


Review with Municipality

Depending on the project, building permits may also involve zoning bylaws and applicable law (such as conservation,environmental and heritage).

We consult with local building officials and respective regulating agencies to ensure compliance.


Field Measure

Property "as builts" are converted to AutoCAD format. Depending on the project type this may also include electrical, HVAC and exterior site conditions and setbacks.

The  existing AutoCAD property drawings form the baseline from which the concepts are developed.


Conceptual Designs

Concepts are delivered for client review and comment.


Secondary Consultation with client with concept options

Final concept drawing is delivered with $500 installment fee.

An additional fee for a 3D representation for residential projects will be discussed at this time.

Fees for additional construction drawings will be discussed and approved at this time before proceeding.


Detailed Field Measure

Detailed information required for commercial will involve electrical, HVAC, lighting and requirements regarding casegoods and systems furniture.

Residential projects involving additions will require existing basement, 1st and 2nd floor plans, elevations, sections and details, site plan, together with the demolition and proposed plan. 


Permit Set Completion and Submission

The completed permit set is submitted to the client upon payment, for submission to the Municipality for approval.  The permit submission will be made by owner, contractor or Perspectives Design Planning.  

Perspectives Design Planning is availabe to complete any punch list items which may arise from your building department. 

We want your permit application to be successful. 











Commercial and Residential

Drafting and Design

Home Renovations and Additions

Specialist in Legal 2 Unit Dwelling Conversion

Commercial Interior Design and Refits

Construction Drawings

Permit Drawings

Paper to AutoCAD Conversion

As Builts

BArchSc, MAATO, Intern ARIDO 2004

BCIN Code Certified


We look forward to talking with you about your project.


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